Brother HL-2240 Manual (User Guide & Setup Guide)

Multi-function printers may have numerous functions, but they are sometimes fairly large, and not everyone requires extras such as fax support. If your printing requirements are limited to black and white text and images, the entry-level HL-2240 may be suitable. It’s a small and compact monochrome laser printer that’s reasonably priced. The HL-2240, like other entry-level models in the Brother lineup, is compact and square. It is only 368 by 183 by 360mm in size. Design-wise, it’s an excellent alternative for individuals with small home offices, and the black and grey color combination appears fairly professional. Unlike most laser printers, this one lacks an LCD display, thus there are no menus to browse. Instead, it includes three LEDs that indicate toner, drum, and general faults, as well as a green LED that indicates when the printer is ready to print. A huge green button labeled ‘go’ sits beneath these LEDs, but its only function appears to be to tell the printer to print a test page when pressed. Despite its compact size, this model includes a pull-out paper tray at the bottom that can accommodate up to 250 sheets of paper. A single-sheet paper feeder sits above this, behind a pull-down flap, and can be used to feed envelopes and other odd-sized pieces of paper into the printer. All printed material is fed into a tray that is slightly recessed into the printer’s body from the top. There’s also a flip-up paper stopper to prevent sheets from falling out of the tray and onto the floor. Because the HL-2240 does not support duplex printing, you must manually turn the page over and set it back in the paper tray if you want to print on both sides of a piece of paper. This model also lacks both Ethernet and Wi-Fi support, so it can only be connected to your computer via USB.

Download Brother HL-2240 Manual (User Guide & Setup Guide)

Brother HL-2240 Manual

Download Brother HL-2240 Manual PDF (Online User’s Guide And Quick Setup Guide)

The following manuals contain all the instruction and tutorials on using your printer, from the beginning to the advanced.

*Match the Brother HL-2240 manual based on the operating system you are using, because each installation on a different OS also has a different manual.

Brother HL-2240 Online User’s Guide

Brother HL-2240 Quick Setup Guide

User Guide is usually used for learning the operations, maintenance, troubleshooting tips, and some useful tutorial on how to use the features of your Brother HL-2240 printer. While Setup Guide is made for the installation of the printer before using it.

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