Brother HL-4150CDN Manual (User Guide & Setup Guide)

The Brother HL-4150CDN is part of a new line of laser printers that offer color printing at an inexpensive price and are intended for those who require a printer that can print a large number of documents on a regular basis. This model also contains a duplexer, which allows it to print on both sides of a sheet of paper. Most manufacturers of laser printers for business users don’t bother trying to make their devices look aesthetically pleasing, but the 4150CDN is a bit more appealing than most, thanks to its cuboid design and white side panels, which contrast nicely with the dark grey finish of the printer’s main body. The control panel is rather simple, with only a two-line monochrome flip-up screen and seven buttons, but the menu system isn’t overly extensive, so it’s still relatively simple to operate. The secure printing functionality is an intriguing feature. You can add a security code to documents through the printer driver, and the printer will keep them in memory until you press the Secure button and enter a passcode to release them. This is useful if you work in a shared workplace and need to print sensitive papers like salary information or confidential letters. Brother has added a USB connector to the front, immediately below the control panel. This is not for printing photos from PictBridge cameras, but rather for printing documents like as PDF files and JPEG and TIFF images directly from memory keys. The HL-4150CDN has a slot in cassette-style paper tray on the bottom that can carry up to 250 sheets at a time, with a 500 page tray available as an option if you have extremely demanding print needs. A 50-sheet-feeder tray for odd-sized sheets and envelopes is hidden behind a pull-down panel above this tray. All printed material is fed into a recessed paper tray at the top of the machine, as with other laser printers, and there’s a small flip-up piece to keep papers from dropping off the front of the tray.

Download Brother HL-4150CDN Manual (User Guide & Setup Guide)

Brother HL-4150CDN Manual

Download Brother HL-4150CDN Manual PDF (Online User’s Guide And Quick Setup Guide)

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*Match the Brother HL-4150CDN manual based on the operating system you are using, because each installation on a different OS also has a different manual.

Brother HL-4150CDN Online User’s Guide

Brother HL-4150CDN Quick Setup Guide

User Guide is usually used for learning the operations, maintenance, troubleshooting tips, and some useful tutorial on how to use the features of your Brother HL-4150CDN printer. While Setup Guide is made for the installation of the printer before using it.

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