Brother MFC-3360C Manual (User Guide & Setup Guide)

The Brother MFC-3360c multifunction printer may be one of the most affordable multifunction printers on the market, but it is far from the best. Aesthetically, the boxy shape and drab color can’t compete with the new designs of its competition, even yet print quality increases from other Brother printers. This printer produces good-quality text and graphics, but anyone who needs to print a lot of images will be disappointed by the incredibly slow output speed. Once again, we are dissatisfied with what Brother has to offer in terms of innovative design. It appears to be heavily influenced by printers and fax machines from the early 1990s in terms of aesthetics. We’ll admit that the device is compact (16.1 inches wide by 19.3 inches deep by 12.8 inches tall), but we’re let down by its monotonous, out-of-date design. The dusty rubber buttons and fragile, matte plastic drawers of the MFC-3360C are unappealing. The control panel’s button arrangement actually reminds me of my family’s first dot-matrix printer from the late 1980s, with its little rubber buttons smashed around a one-line LCD that lacks a backlit screen, making it difficult to read in anything other than fluorescent office lights. The screen is also fixed at an unmovable angle, which doesn’t help. During our lab tests, we found ourselves squinting to read the tiny characters. The main Fax, Scan, and Copy function buttons are located just below the LCD screen, while the rest of the front panel is occupied by a bigger row of shortcut buttons. You also receive a telephone handset for phone calls and auto-dialing on the keypad, which is useful but also contributes to the “traditional” sense of the design. Finally, the unit’s 20-sheet auto-document feeder pulls out from the top and protects the control panel when not in use. Unfortunately, the printer does not have a memory card reader or a USB interface for connecting external media. A removable plastic tray handles all of the printer’s incoming and outgoing paper, with adjustable tabs that corral everything from little 4-inch-by-6-inch photo paper to full legal size slabs. Because of the shallow route, the MFC-3360C is completely free of this issue. You also receive a checkbox to compare natural versus vibrant photo printers, as well as a one-of-a-kind “True2life” color improvement tool with customized modifications to color density, white balance, contrast, brightness, and other parameters. Finally, the driver includes a status monitor that appears during job processing to track ink cartridge levels and quality control. You can also install Paperport by ScanSoft, a third-party imaging application, from Brother. This tool allows you to edit images in a file browsing interface similar to Apple’s iPhoto, with basic photo-editing options such as auto-enhancement, blemish removal, and red-eye removal. We played around with the software for a bit and liked how simple it was compared to iPhoto; but, don’t expect editing capabilities on par with Adobe suites; this is more oriented for light users and amateur photographers with limited time and editing resources.

Download Brother MFC-3360C Manual (User Guide & Setup Guide)

Brother MFC-3360C Manual

Download Brother MFC-3360C Manual PDF (Online User’s Guide And Quick Setup Guide)

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Brother MFC-3360C Online User’s Guide

Brother MFC-3360C Quick Setup Guide

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