Brother MFC-5895CW Manual (User Guide & Setup Guide)

Brother was the first manufacturer to produce SOHO all-in-one inkjet printers that could handle paper up to A3. The MFC-5895CW is one of its second generation printers, and it still supports this larger print size, but it lacks the necessary scan and copy functions; it only has an A4 scanner. This limits both its flexibility and its bulk. Although it is broader than a standard A4 all-in-one printer, it has almost the same depth, at least when the paper tray is telescoped in. Because both the tray and its cover stretch, you can keep the tray small most of the time while it’s totally contained within the printer’s body. You have to use the same tray for everything, from 15 x 10cm photographs to A3 pages, and readjusting the paper stops might be time-consuming if you switch sizes frequently. Printed sheets are deposited on the top of the paper tray lid, which has a fold-up end stop. The control panel features one of Brother’s 82mm widescreen LCDs, which we’re surprised other firms haven’t adopted because they provide significantly more display space and are especially useful for picking photographs for printing. There’s a number pad and six speed-dial keys for fax numbers, as well as memory card slots and a USB/Pictbridge port on the front. There are several annoying quirks in how the equipment operates. Take the phone book if you accidentally choose it and wish to flee, you quickly learn that there are only three keys on the keyboard that do not emit an unpleasant error triple-beep. Nothing on the screen indicates how to back out, and the Back key simply beeps. It’s the Stop/Exit key, which is usually reserved for canceling a scan or copy task. Also, if you turn the computer off, even if it’s in standby mode, it returns to standby when power is restored, which isn’t always desirable. The only physical installation required is for the four ink cartridges to be inserted behind a cover adjacent to the paper tray. Nuance PaperPort 11SE, as well as Brother’s own MFL-Pro Suite and drivers for Windows and OS X, are among the software options. Linux users can also get a driver. Brother rates the MFC-5895CW at 35ppm black and 28ppm color printing. We assume these are draft speeds, although they are extremely optimistic. We measured a maximum draft speed of 8.6ppm and regular mode speeds ranging from 4.0ppm on shorter black text pages to 4.4ppm on larger ones. Both are slow in compared to competing machines. There is also no respite when it comes to photo printing. 15 x 10cm prints took roughly 1:40, which is acceptable but not fast, but an A3 photo – one of the reasons you’d want an A3 printer – took 14:27, one of the longest periods we’ve encountered for any printer. This is a very slow print engine, especially when printing on large paper sizes. Paper misfeeds were also observed on both our ordinary multipurpose paper and Brother’s glossy photo paper, which is rare for a new printer.

Download Brother MFC-5985CW Manual (User Guide & Setup Guide)

Brother MFC-5985CW Manual

Download Brother MFC-5985CW Manual PDF (Online User’s Guide And Quick Setup Guide)

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Brother MFC-5985CW Online User’s Guide

Brother MFC-5985CW Quick Setup Guide

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