Canon PIXMA G2260 Manual (User Manual & Getting Started Guide)

Canon PIXMA G2260 are models for all tastes, needs and pockets. Today we stop to review the characteristics of a mid-range model that aspires to climb one more step in that mid / high range, a model focused on a domestic home where the volume of printing is interesting (for example, freelancers, teleworkers or students ), but it can also be a good option for a small office. We are talking about the Canon Pixma G2260, of which, below, we are going to tell you all its most outstanding features so that you know well what you are buying and what this model can offer you (or not). Design of this printer is a somewhat forceful model, so we ask you to reserve a good space at home or in the office for it. So that you can measure it better, we tell you that it has dimensions of 445 x 330 x 167 mm and a weight of 6.4 kg. It is available in black and the button panel located in the upper left part stands out. It has a very small black and white screen, a two-line LCD, where we can see basic information about the printer, although, taking into account that similar models of the same budget mount a much more advanced screen, the truth is that this is It is quite short for us. You have to bear in mind that the paper is loaded from the back, leaving the pages in view at all times. We would have preferred a drawer system to optimize space and above all to make it easier for the user. The paper exit, for its part, also goes out to a visible tray. The maximum capacity of the inbox is 100 pages, a more than overwhelming amount and that leaves us with a good taste in the mouth despite this small point against that we just mentioned. For its part, in the front area is the Canon ink tank. Refilling is done through bottles, with a unique nozzle so that you cannot be confused with the charge of each color. To improve print quality, you need four colors: black, magenta, yellow, and green. Advantages and disadvantages when using this printer, This printer (or rather this multifunction) promises quality, fast and economical printing. It relies on this as with two ink bottles you can print up to 12,000 pages, while with a full set of color bottles you get up to 7,700 pages. Its speed is 10.8 ipm in black and 6 ipm in color. To offer quality printing on both texts and photos, it uses pigment black inks and dye inks. This inkjet offers a resolution of 4800 x 1200 DPI. At the top it has a tray that allows you to scan and copy color documents. The copier allows a rescaling of between 25% – 4000% and a maximum of 99 copies in each run, with a speed of 23 cpm, while the scan has a resolution of 600 x 1200 DPI. Keep in mind that it does not have a fax, so if you need this feature, this printer is not for you. You can load a good variety of media on the Canon G2260, such as normal folios but also magnetic photo paper or adhesive photo paper. It can even support prints up to 1.2 meters in length. The biggest drawback is its lack of connectivity. Unlike other similar printers, you will have to connect the equipment where you have your documents or photos via USB, since it does not allow the use of cloud printing services or connections such as WiFi or Bluetooth, a point that, to this day, to us It seems essential to us and that we consider that it penalizes this Canon printer a lot. As a curiosity, before finishing, if you are concerned about the noise it may make, according to manufacturer data, its power level is 51 dB.

Canon PIXMA G2260 Manual (User manual & Getting started guide)

Canon PIXMA G2260 Manual

Download Canon PIXMA G2260 Manual PDF (User Guide And Setup Poster)

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Canon PIXMA G2260 User Manual PDF (Windows)

Canon PIXMA G2260 User Manual PDF (macOS)

Canon PIXMA G2260 Getting Started Guide

User Guide is usually used for learning the operations, maintenance, troubleshooting tips, and some useful tutorial on how to use the features of your Canon PIXMA G2260 printer. While Setup Guide is made for the installation of the printer before using it.

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