Canon SELPHY CP780 Manual (User Guide)

We did not encounter any difficulties in operating this Canon Selphy CP780 photo printer. The single hardest part and required us to look for instructions from the manual was installing the photo paper in the included tray. The rest is easy. Ribbon cartridge for example, just pushed into the slot on the right side. The adapter – which is quite heavy – is also not a hassle to install, because there is only a jack that fits into the body of this printer. That’s it, and the printer is ready to go. It’s a shame we weren’t lent a battery that could make this tiny printer portable, aka we can print without being connected to an electric grid. The NB-CP2L battery does have to be purchased separately. So, we couldn’t test the printer’s performance while on battery power. But it is said that the battery power is enough to print 36 sheets of Postcard-sized photos. What we also regret, in the package we borrowed, there is no USB cable. As a result we also can not test the performance of the printer when connected to a computer. Even though when connected, we can use a CD that contains software to add borders or other interesting effects. Voice guidance is also – through the speakers on the computer – can be obtained in this condition. It’s a shame because it doesn’t have a USB cable, the voice guidance we got was just words that said the printer was not connected to the computer. But never mind, forget about the connection with a computer and the portability aspect. We just focus on the available facilities. Printer setup, as we mentioned above, is easy. Three Slots On the front of the dye-sublimation printer – left side – there are three slots, one each for CompactFash/Micro Drive, SecureDigital (SD) and Memory Stick (MS). In total there are 20 variants of memory cards that can be accepted and printed directly by Selphy CP780. Just push the memory card that we have, then the contents of the card will be read by the printer. Of course, previously we had to turn on the printer by pressing the gray On button. Mark What You Want Printed Now, we just need to mark which photos will be printed.

Canon SELPHY CP780 Manual (User Guide)

Canon SELPHY CP780 Manual

Download Canon SELPHY CP780 Manual PDF (User Guide)

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Canon SELPHY CP780 User Guide PDF

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