Canon SELPHY ES1 Manual (User Guide)

If digital cameras are to annihilate film once and for all, they must be divorced from computers. The answer, it has long been claimed, is the stand-alone digital image printer, which removes the PC from the equation and allows you to print directly from your camera onto photo paper. Unfortunately, most standalone printers have been a letdown. The pricing appears to be reasonable, but they are frequently slow, use paper and ink like it’s going out of style, and, worst of all, generate prints that your local Snappy Snaps staff would laugh at. Canon has been one of the few businesses to defy this trend, which is why we were eager to get our hands on the Selphy ES1, the latest addition to the company’s tiny printer lineup. This printer is at the low end of the market, measuring only 199mm by 177mm by 113mm. It’s about the size of a handbag, or if you prefer to think in terms of technology, it’s about the width of two 7-inch-screened portable DVD players bolted together. This is fairly hefty for its small size, and while a little more than 2kg isn’t going to break your back, it’s not something you want to be carrying around all the time. If you do want to carry it, the top flip-out handle is strong and adds to the handbag idea. In terms of appearance, it is an upright model rather than a supine model like earlier Selphy printers. This gives it a more user-friendly appearance and allows it to sit upright when placed on a table. The ES1 also takes up less desk space than a regular printer, which is understandable given that you’re unlikely to be printing photographs every day of the week. Its silver and white coloring is also trendy, and the metal finish is highly polished. Unlike most printers, this one lacks a visible paper tray. Instead, the paper is built into the ink cartridges. This results in a compact design and eliminates the need to transport add-on trays. The retractable USB cable is another excellent touch. This pops out of the side and reels out as you pull it, allowing you to connect directly to a camera. When the job is over, a simple push of the button causes the cable to retract back into its hole. There are the standard memory card ports, and it may, of course, be connected directly to a computer. If you don’t have a computer, all of the action will take place on the 64mm (2.5-inch) color LCD at the top of the device. When you are sitting next to the machine at your desk, it appears for your convenience. The major controls are on either side of the screen, with all of the editing options on the left and the five-way toggle switch and the all-important ‘print’ button on the right. All are easily accessible, clearly labeled, and ergonomically designed. There are optional items that are not included. These include a battery pack for the ultimate in portable printing and a Bluetooth adaptor, which would turn the printer into an ideal companion for your smartphone or camera. When turned on, the Canon bursts into life in a frantic, industrious style that inspires you with hope. The monitor is bright and crisp, and the whirling noises persuade you that it’s ready for some serious activity. However, before you begin printing, you must first sort through the ink and paper. As previously stated, this machine does not have a separate paper tray; instead, you must purchase cartridges that contain both paper and ink. Because the ES1 is a dye-sublimation printer, ink consumption can be forecast right down to the final print; if you buy a 50-sheet pack, you get enough ink for 50 photographs. Prints are available in four sizes, ranging from credit card to postcard size, and have a glossy, water-resistant finish. The combined paper tray and ink holder slides into the printer’s side. When you push the ‘print’ button, the paper enters the printer through a slot near the bottom, rotates 90 degrees, and then exits through the top.

Canon SELPHY ES1 Manual (User Guide)

Canon SELPHY ES1 Manual

Download Canon SELPHY ES1 Manual PDF (User Guide)

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Canon SELPHY ES1 User Guide

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