Canon SELPHY ES2 Manual (User Guide)

This printer is intended for those who need to print photos quickly anywhere without depending on the presence of electricity. This is possible because apart from electricity, the ES2 also has a Li-Ion battery that can be used to print until the printer roll runs out. This battery unfortunately must be purchased separately. It’s very easy to operate this dye-sub-tech printer. Understandably the buttons are neatly arranged, and easy to understand. The flexibility to print is outstanding as it can be connected via a USB cable, read directly from a memory card, infrared receiver, as well as Bluetooth (optional). Before printing, you can easily improve the appearance of your photos thanks to Fine Face Print and Image Quality Adjustment technology. Photos can also look attractive with 16 frame options available. To make it even funnier, each photo can also be added with comment balloons like in comics. The dye-sub system on the ES2 causes printing of each 4R size photo not as fast (about 1 minute 18 seconds) as the inkjet system. However, because they are given a protective layer that is glued to the photo, these prints are water and weather resistant. The resulting image is also brilliant especially supported by the photo correction feature. To facilitate the supply of usage, Canon packs a printing package (Easy Photo Pack) that unites membranes (ink replacement) and photo paper in one package/container. Installation of this cartridge itself is as easy as installing a cassette. Printing photos with this machine is very practical, especially for those who like to take pictures with a cellphone or camera. Simply connect the gadget to this device and see the photos to be printed on the 3” LCD screen, then press the print process button. Calculated from the cost, a 4R printed sheet of this printer costs is quite economical in the long run. But what really matters here is the flexibility of the Selphy ES2 in terms of practical printing, plus being creative anywhere and anytime.

Canon SELPHY ES2 Manual (User Guide)

Canon SELPHY ES2 Manual

Download Canon SELPHY ES2 Manual PDF (User Guide)

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Canon SELPHY ES2 User Guide

User Guide is usually used for learning the operations, maintenance, troubleshooting tips, and some useful tutorial on how to use the features of your Canon SELPHY ES2 printer. While Setup Guide is made for the installation of the printer before using it.

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