Canon SELPHY ES40 Manual (User Guide)

The Canon Selphy ES40 Compact Photo Printer is a dye-sublimation printer that transfers ink to paper using heat and can reproduce up to 16.8 million colors. It will print a postcard-sized photo in less than a minute. Because they come in one package, users will never run out of ink or paper…changing media is as simple as replacing a single cartridge. This printer can print with or without a computer. It supports 20 different memory card formats, includes a USB port, and a PictBridge connection for printing directly from a digital camera or DV camcorder. With the optional BU-30 Bluetooth Adapter, the printer can also print wirelessly from Bluetooth mobile devices. The Selphy ES40 is easy to use. The front panel sports a 3.5-inch high-resolution display “An LCD display for viewing, selecting, and editing images, as well as an Easy Scroll Wheel for selecting various printer capabilities, are included. A Creative Print option allows users to add components such as frames, speech bubbles, calendars, and other additions to images. It contains a voice guidance feature that, when used, will notify users of various printer functions such as “Select a color” or “Replace the cartridge.” It is lightweight (less than 5 pounds) and small (about 9 x 9 inches) “) and includes a carry handle. It also includes a built-in power adapter for added convenience. Dye-sublimation technique employs heat to transfer ink to paper, yielding 16.8 million hues for rich color and black-and-white images. Borderless or bordered images (choose from 6 color border options), multi-layout (1-up, 2-up, 4-up, and 8-up), image quality adjustment, index print, trimming, gold & silver special color print (optional), and red-eye correction are all included. Creative Print allows you to personalize your images by adding frames, clip art, multi-layout, calendar, speech bubbles, ID photo, date print, photo diary, movie print, and image effects. The Portrait Image Optimize tool does face detection, lighting adjustment, and noise reduction automatically. Users may print without utilizing a computer with this machine. Simply insert a memory card into the built-in card slot, select images on the LCD display, and print. Direct printing from a digital camera or DV camcorder is possible thanks to an integrated PictBridge connection. Additionally, with the optional BU-30 Bluetooth Adapter, customers can print from wireless Bluetooth mobile devices. The ES40’s consumables, ink and paper, are packaged together in a single cartridge. Printing and replacing ink and paper is simple, and you’ll never be without one without the other. A clear protective coating is used during the printing process to assist guard against image deterioration from light, water, and gases for photo lab quality photos that will last up to 100 years.

Canon SELPHY ES40 Manual (User Guide)

Canon SELPHY ES40 Manual

Download Canon SELPHY ES40 Manual PDF (User Guide)

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Canon SELPHY ES40 User Guide

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