Epson ColorWorks C7500G Manual (Installation Guide)

The Epson ColorWorks C7500G Label Printer is designed for customers who need to create high-volume prime labels on glossy paper. Manufacturers can achieve their in-house labeling requirements with exceptional print speed and quality in a dependable and cost-effective manner. It can also aid in the elimination of costly pre-printed label stocks by manufacturing bespoke short-run labels on-demand. Printing labels on-demand reduces the costs associated with label outsourcing, such as label waste and large label inventories. High-capacity individual ink cartridges for the Epson ColorWorks C7500G Label Printer imply that just the color used needs to be replaced, resulting in a very cheap cost per print. The permanent PrecisionCore® printhead provides considerable cost savings as well as guaranteed piece of mind because none of its primary components will need to be replaced for at least 300+ miles of printing. The high-resolution Epson print chips utilized in this device are one of the world’s quickest inkjet printing technologies, inch for inch. PrecisionCore piezo elements fire almost 50,000 times per second, resulting in a wide range of high-quality labels printed at speeds of up to 59 feet per minute. This label printer can assist manufacturers in producing consistent, high-quality labels on-demand and in-house. The new PrecisionCore® printhead in the Epson ColorWorks C7500G printer ensures consistent, high-quality results. Epson’s innovative Nozzle Verification Technology (NVT) and dot replacement aid to prevent dead pixels and misprints. PrecisionCore® printheads have up to three times the nozzle density of traditional Epson piezo printheads. These nozzles have a diameter of about 20 microns and produce small, round, reproducible dots around 40 microns wide. This dot precision is especially significant when it comes to crafting clear lettering and fine lines for applications like barcodes. PrecisionCore® presents a novel approach that boosts reliability by harnessing the power of the piezo crystal itself. The piezo element can provide a voltage that can identify whether it is firing normally (in milliseconds). It has the ability to self-diagnose almost immediately.

Epson ColorWorks C7500G Manual (Installation Guide)

Epson ColorWorks C7500G Manual

Download Epson ColorWorks C7500G Manual PDF (Installation Guide)

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*Match the Epson ColorWorks C7500G manual based on the operating system you are using, because each installation on a different OS also has a different manual.

Epson ColorWorks C7500G Installation Guide (Start Here)

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