Epson WorkForce WF-3620 Manual (User’s Guide & Installation)

The Epson WorkForce WF-3620 is one of Epson’s more cheap inkjet multifunction peripherals for home and office use (MFPs). You’ll be relieved to learn that it’s equipped with a fax modem, because you never know when the 1980s will contact you. It does, however, come with a number of essential capabilities, including wired and wireless networking, as well as duplex (double-sided) print, scan, copy, and faxing. There’s a 35-sheet ADF with USB, SD, and Memory Stick slots for scanning to or printing from inserted media, but no direct PDF printing. While Epson’s promised 20,000-page-per-month duty cycle sounds a little optimistic, the printer’s architecture is far from flimsy. The scanner lid sits on hefty hinges that extend to cope with thicker books or stacks of documents, and the 250-sheet input and 125-sheet output trays are durable. However, the design isn’t perfect, lifting the scanner lid on the WF-3620 flicks open the dust cover on the single-sheet special media slot at the back. This printer combines a touchscreen with classic buttons, however it is not without flaws. Touches can take a long time to register on the screen, and the top level of the menu’s arrangement perplexed me for a moment. However, unlike its predecessor, the WF-3620 allows multitasking, allowing you to scan a document while it’s printing or vice versa.

Epson WorkForce WF-3620 Manual (User's Guide & Installation)

Epson WorkForce WF-3620 Manual

Download Epson WorkForce WF-3620 Manual PDF (User Guide And Installation)

The following manuals contain all the instruction and tutorials on using your printer, from the beginning to the advanced.

*Match the Epson WorkForce WF-3620 manual based on the operating system you are using, because each installation on a different OS also has a different manual.

Epson WorkForce WF-3620 Installation Guide (Start Here)

Epson WorkForce WF-3620 User’s Guide

User Guide is usually used for learning the operations, maintenance, troubleshooting tips, and some useful tutorial on how to use the features of your Epson WorkForce WF-3620 printer. While Setup Guide is made for the installation of the printer before using it.

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