Brother DCP-130C Manual (User Guide & Setup Guide)

The Brother DCP-130C measures 39x35x16cm and comes in light grey and black. There are 15 buttons on the right side of the front edge of the top, as well as a fairly bad LED display that always seems to be at the wrong angle to see what it is saying. On the front, there are two card slots as well as a PictBridge port. It’s good to see a dedicated paper tray instead of an open shelf—printed results are presented face up on a shelf right above the paper tray. The flatbed scanner has a landscape lid that requires 28cm to raise to the vertical position, however there is no reason why slipping a page beneath the cover requires more than a few centimetres of elevation. Books and periodicals, on the other hand, require a larger rise. The Brother DCP-130C scanner is fairly good, and I was pleased with the quality of all of the pages I saved to the PC. Using the scanner as a standalone copier is an easy way to test it. A color duplicate that differs only slightly from the original takes about 30 seconds. Slightly faster for a black copy, but still very fine. This is a four ink and four cartridge unit with excellent sized cartridges that are easy to fit. The benefit of single cartridges is that you never waste ink since if the yellow cartridge runs out, you simply need to replace the yellow cartridge. So far, an adequate entry-level machine, with the sole drawback being the inadequate single-line LED display. However, it frequently enters a cleaning cycle, and I don’t just mean when it’s turned on, which takes about two to three minutes. This is quite inconvenient if you only want to copy a single page. Moving on to printing, I am delighted to report that printing times have significantly improved over those of last year’s batch of products, albeit they are still not ideal. It is 12PPM for printing the ubiquitous 200 word document in draft mode and 10PPM for printing the more common 1500 word document spread over four pages, and the output for both is grey, so it is really just useful for proofing. In normal mode, the Brother DCP-130C provides nearly black output but is slightly slower. Moving on to photo output, frequent readers will recall the very long time it took to print an A4 borderless print with last year’s model. This year, there has been a significant improvement; it now takes only 9 minutes; it is still awful, but it is on par with comparable companies. Printing four 9x13cm photos on an A4 sheet should take about the same amount of time. Despite selecting borderless and clicking agree at the ‘this may take some time’ prompt, I received four 9x13cm photos, all with borders, and it took about 8 minutes. So it will only print an A4 sheet with a single image borderless, and it will only do so in the median quality of photo; if you select best, it will untick borderless.

Download Brother DCP-130C Manual (User Guide & Setup Guide)

Brother DCP-130C Manual

Download Brother DCP-130C Manual PDF (Online User’s Guide And Quick Setup Guide)

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Brother DCP-130C Online User’s Guide

Brother DCP-130C Quick Setup Guide

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