Canon SELPHY CP770 Manual (Printing Guide)

The CP770 is unique in that it is effectively a two-piece printer and bucket set. The plastic bucket sits beneath the printer and is used to store paper and ink. It also features a built-in handle for transporting the printer while on the go. The entire kit appears to be highly travel-friendly, but there is one caveat, the printer cannot operate wirelessly unless a supplementary power pack and Bluetooth adaptor are purchased, both of which are available separately. The printer’s body is a thinner rectangle with a covered panel revealing an external paper tray port, an IrDA interface, and slots for SD, Memory Stick, and Compact Flash cards. The unique ink cassette is housed in a secure chamber on the printer’s right side. An external power adapter attaches onto the rear of the printer, however it lacks a rechargeable battery, which would make the printer wirelessly ready right out of the box. The accompanying bucket is constructed of robust, moulded plastic and matches the printer’s white color scheme. It also includes a built-in handle and two luminous green tabs that latch onto the printer to ensure safe transit. Inside the bucket, there are slots and labels for organizing and storing the power adapter brick and a few extra paper/ink cassettes. Overall, the bucket is large enough to hold everything you’ll need to transport the printer. The control buttons are composed of rubber and are located beneath a vivid 2.5-inch TFT color display. The on-screen home menu is simple to use and displays the current settings using a variety of icons. The picture editor is limited to an image optimizer and five color presets, Vivid, Neutral, PositiveFilm, Sepia, and Black/White. You may also use the print options to automatically correct red-eye, include a date stamp, and adjust the page layout (up to eight images per page). The CP770 heat-transfers pictures onto Canon’s proprietary paper using dye-sublimation ink technology. Canon sells a variety of media products, such as greeting cards, postcards, and wallet-style credit cards. The dye-sublimation printing process differs from traditional inkjet printing in that the paper goes through the machine four times, the first three passes lay down the base colors (cyan, magenta, and yellow), and the final pass applies a thin overcoat to the image to prevent discoloration and extend durability. According to Canon, the ink in a single cartridge should be adequate to last through a pack of paper.

Canon SELPHY CP770 Manual (Printing Guide)

Canon SELPHY CP770 Manual

Download Canon SELPHY CP770 Manual PDF (Printing Guide)

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Canon SELPHY CP770 Printing Guide PDF

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